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Subcontractor Coordinator
Title:Subcontractor Coordinator
Location:Watkinsville, Ga.
Field Services
Administrative Assistant
Subcontractor Coordinator
  • Subcontractor Relations- This includes the ability to coordinate with our Subcontractors, but you must also be able to coordinate with multiple departments within the company. This includes Project Managers, Safety Department, and Accounting. 
    • Set up new subcontractors by sending out our information packets & obtain information as soon as possible
    • Coordinate with Project Managers and Safety Department to make certain subcontractors are able to be used
    • Review certificates of insurance & obtain updates as appropriate
    • Issue Purchase Orders & Subcontractor Agreements
    • Update internal computer programs and Excel when new subcontracts are issued
    • Need to do daily follow up to get signed PO’s promptly and to request any lingering invoices or lien releases 
    • Follow our set procedure to process incoming invoices, which includes preparing and sending lien releases
    • Scan all subcontractor documentation once all paperwork has been received
    • Track all subcontracts and send Accounting weekly updates 
    • Provide Accounting with copies of any invoices awaiting lien releases twice a month
    • Audit Subcontractor drawer bi-monthly to keep the process moving & to assist billing/accounting.  Follow up on any lingering issues
    • File all subcontractor documentation in notebooks in office
  • Bid Forms & Quotes
    • Backup for incoming quotes & issuing of quote numbers to Project Managers
    • Assist in quote wording, grammar, etc.
    • Send credit applications with quotes for potential new customers.
    • Follow all set procedures to assist on incoming bid forms
    • This requires a lot of time management, and the ability to meet strict deadlines. 
  • Traveling Employee Arrangements (As needed)
    • Per Diem
    • Hotel, Air, Car Rental arrangements 
  • Assist Sales Representative (As needed)
  • Provide contact information via phone/email when they are out of the office
  • Provide directions to different plants
  • Field new leads and information on potential customers & distribute information as requested to various divisions
  • Prepare/issue rate sheets for customers
  • Compose & send correspondence as directed
  • Perform updates/clean-up as directed to the Customer database
  • Check for dates work was last performed/quoted for various customers/prospects
  • Assist Management & Project Managers (As needed)
    • Provide contact information from Customer Database and internet as requested
    • Compose and submit change orders
    • Research old projects that may have been reissued to check quote time
    • Pull up quotes/jobs in document imaging and print necessary items. (i.e., quote letters, drawings, sub contact info)
    • Issue RFPs or ITBs for subs to quote work for larger projects
    • Obtain DNA/Confidentiality Agreement prior to sending project information.
  •  Assist Field Services Executive Assistant (As needed)
Experience & Skills Desired:
  • Previous experience dealing with vendors and subcontractors a plus.  Including, but not limited to fostering relationships, reviewing contract documents, processing invoices for payment, and reviewing incoming paperwork.
  • Previous experience dealing with bid packages, preparing bids, etc. a plus.  Including, but not limited to, reviewing contract documents, printing bid packages, obtaining bid information, and completing the bid for submission in a timely manner. 
  • High level Word, Excel and Outlook skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to prioritize a must.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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